Urfi Javed, who appeared on Bigg Boss OTT, is quite popular on social media. She has become one of the industry’s most controversial actors, making headlines for her daring dress choices. She often shares bold photos, piping hot photoshoots, and dance reels. Her posts often find spots in trends and go viral on the internet.

Recently, Mahesh Keshwala better known online as Thugesh, commented on Urfi’s fashion sense which didn’t go well with the actress. Not many known, Thugesh is an Indian YouTuber and vlogger known for his thug life videos, and roasts, on his channel, often revolving around Bollywood, Indian media as well as social media influencers. He also has a vlogging channel called Thugesh Live where he uploads travel vlogs and his life stories and is generally candid.

Mahesh recently gave an interview in which mentioned that he finds Urfi’s fashion sense forced. This comment was read by Urfi and she blasted Mahesh for his comment. She took to Instagram stories and shared his video and posted a long message on the same. Check now!