September Nintendo Direct 2022 : The Legend Of Zelda

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Ahead Of Pokémon Scarlet And Violet In November And The Legend Of Zelda: The Breath Of The Wild 2 In 2023, Nintendo Held A Nintendo Direct Broadcast Tuesday To Round Out Its Slate Of Upcoming Games. The 40-minute Livestream Focused Largely On Nintendo’s Winter Games Lineup, But Also Revealed The Official Name Of The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild’s Sequel: The Legend Of Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom.

We’re Now Less Than An Hour Away From The Latest Nintendo Direct Presentation. It’s Set To Take Place Today, September 13, At 7 Am Pt / 10 Am Et, Having Just Been Announced Yesterday, Following Weeks Of Rumors That We’d Be Getting A September Direct.

It’s September, Which Means It’s High Time For A Nintendo Direct Livestream. The Big N Has Had A Substantive Presentation Every September Since 2012, Almost Without Fail. (The Company Skipped September 2015, For Whatever Reason.) Today’s Nintendo Direct Livestream Was “mostly Focused On Nintendo Switch Games Launching This Winter,” And We Got Some Big Announcements — Including A Title And Release Date For The Next Zelda Game.

Bayonetta 3(Opens In New Tab) Is Set To Release As A Nintendo Switch Exclusive On October 28, But Platinumgames Hasn’t Exactly Been Forthcoming With New Information. We’re Seeking Clarity Around The Time-twisting Story, Not To Mention How The Developer Has Expanded Bayonetta’s Fluid Combat And Outrageous Flair Since Bayonetta 2 Launched In 2014. The Long-awaited Sequel To One Of The Best Action Games(Opens In New Tab) Of The Modern Era Deserves A Big Showing, So We’re Hoping That Nintendo Gives Platinumgames The Platform It Deserves Here.

There’s Nothing Quite Like A Good Direct, And After Nintendo Confirmed It Earlier This Week, A Hefty Nintendo Direct For September 2022 Just Took Place, Giving Us A Look At Some Brand New Titles Heading To The Nintendo Switch Over The Holiday Period. With A Lot Of Great Rpgs To Dig Into And A Much-anticipated Sequel Or Two, This Set Of Announcements Hopefully Had Something For Everyone.

The Nintendo Direct September 2022 Had A Couple Of Bombshells, Starting With The Next Mainline Entry In The Fire Emblem Series, Known As Fire Emblem Engage. Featuring A New World And A New Protagonist (See You In The Next Smash Game), This New Entry In The Franchise Also Seems To Focus On The Ability To Summon Heroes From Previous Games To Take Part In Classic Rpg Battles.

While The Direct Was Mostly Presented By Yoshiaki Koizumi, We Did Also Get A Brief Appearance From Shigeru Miyamoto Himself. Proudly Showing Off His Pikmin Bloom Collection, The Godfather Of Video Games Also Announced The Long-awaited Pikmin 4, Putting An End To Rumours It Had Been Destroyed In The Recent Fire. We Even Got A Name And A Release Date For Breath Of The Wild 2, Which You Can Find Below As Well As All Of Our Other Highlights From This Stellar Nintendo Direct.

When Will The Next Nintendo Direct Be 2022

The Next Nintendo Direct Will Air On Tuesday, September 13th, 2022 At 7 A.m. Pt. It Will Contain Roughly 40 Minutes Of Information “mostly Focused On Nintendo Switch Games Launching This Winter.”


General Nintendo Directs (the long ones full of big announcements) are held at least three times a year, with smaller presentations sprinkled on dates in-between. These typically air specifically during February, June, and September, although there are exceptions.

Let’s take a look at 2021’s Nintendo Direct line-up, for example: There were three general Nintendo Directs on the dates of September 22nd, June 15th (Nintendo’s E3 presentation), and February 16th.

2020 was different than previous years due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic affecting game development and Nintendo’s internal processes, so there were no big general Nintendo Directs that year (instead, these were replaced by “Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcases”).

In 2019, there were four general Nintendo Directs on the dates of September 4th, June 11th (Nintendo’s E3 presentation), May 15th, and February 13th. In 2018, there were three general Nintendo Directs on the dates of September 13th, June 12th (another of Nintendo’s E3 presentations), and March 8th.

Between those, though, were smaller presentations like Indie World streams, game-specific Directs/presentations, and more.

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