Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max 2022 : Release Date, Price, Features, Colors

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American Tech Giant Apple Has Said That It Is Working On A Software Update For The Iphone 14 Pro And Pro Max Aimed At Fixing A Bug That Makes The Rear Camera On The Device Physically Shake When Used With Some Third-party Apps.

The Iphone Maker Said That By Next Week They Will Be Bringing A Fix For The Camera Shaking Issue On Their Iphone 14 Pro And Pro Max Smartphones.

Launched On 7 September, Some Users Of Iphone 14 Pro And Pro Max Took To Social Media To Complain About The Camera Bug. According To The Bloomberg News Agency, The Issue Is The Result Of The Optical Image Stabilization Hardware Malfunctioning In Some Cases With Third-party Apps.

Users Have Complained About The Bug Hindering Camera Features In Social Media Apps Like Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, And Tiktok, But It Doesn’t Appear To Affect Apple’s Preinstalled Camera Capabilities.

The Software Fix Would Mark At Least The Second So Far For The Iphone 14. On Launch Day, Users Were Asked To Update To Ios 16.0.1 To Address A Problem Related To Activate Facetime.

Several Early Buyers Of Iphone 14 Pro Were Facing A Problem With Their Iphones When Trying To Click A Photo Or Shoot A Video Using Third-party Apps Like Tiktok, Snapchat And Instagram Recently. They Reported Issues Like Camera Shaking, Rattling, And Even Making “strange Mechanical Noises” When Using The Camera Of Third-party Apps. The Good News Is That Apple Has Finally Acknowledged The Issue And Confirmed To Roll Out A Bug Fix For It Next Week.

First Reported By 9to5mac, The Issue Doesn’t Seem To Be Affecting The Main Camera App Of The Phone. It Happens Only When User Is Accessing Snapchat, Instagram, And Tiktok Camera Apps. In Few Of The Videos Shared By Some Users, It Is Seen That The Photos Appear Shaky And Videos Are Unfit For Posting. In One Of The Videos Shared By A Tiktok User Damian Munoz, The Iphone 14 Pro’s Camera Module Is Also Seen Rattling Alongside The App-camera Issue.

In An Email Response To The Verge, Apple Has Said That It Is Aware Of The Bug And Will Release An Update To Fix Next Week. While There Were Previous Reports That Suggested That This Could Be A Compatibility Issue Of Third-party Apps With New Ios 16 Update, With Apple Now Releasing The Update It Looks Like The Problem Is With The Iphone And Its Api. While Apple Has Given No Clarification On What Exactly Is Causing This Issue, Various Reports Have It That It Could Be A Problem With Phone’s Optical Stabilization System.

What’s New With The Cameras?

  • 48mp Main Camera, A Larger Sensor For Ultra-wide And Selfie
  • 3x Telephoto Remains Same

The New 48mp Wide (Main) Camera Brings Several Benefits. The First And Most Obvious Benefit Is It Allows Apple To Apply Pixel-binning To Its Photos, Which Essentially Packs Four Pixels’ Worth Of Light Information Into One. This Results In Better Performance In Low Light, Without Resorting To Night Mode As Much.

The Second Benefit Is We Can Also Shoot Raw Files (Or As Photographers Call It, “shooting In Raw”) Using All 48 Million Pixels. Raw Files Are Uncompressed, Lossless Files That Keep All The Data A Camera Sensor Is Capable Of Capturing. Apple Calls Their Raw Files “proraw,” By The Way.

The Third Benefit Is That The More Pixel-dense Main Camera Allows Apple To Crop Into The Middle Section Of The Sensor To Produce What Apple Claims Is A “2x Optical Telephoto” Shot.

The New Apple Iphone 14 Pro And Iphone 14 Pro Max Is Available In 128gb, 256gb, 512gb, And 1tb Storage Capacities In India.

Apple Iphone 14 Pro (128gb)- Rs 1,29,900

Apple Iphone 14 Pro (256 Gb)- 1,39,900

Apple Iphone 14 Pro (512 Gb)- Rs1,59,900

Apple Iphone 14 Pro (1tb)- Rs 1,79,900

Apple Iphone 14 Pro Max (128gb)- Rs 1,39,900

Apple Iphone 14 Pro Max (256gb)- Rs 1,49,900

Apple Iphone 14 Pro Max (512gb)- Rs 1,69,900

Apple Iphone 14 Pro Max (1tb)- Rs 1,89,900

As Per The Issues Reported, Users Have Noticed The Iphone 14 Pro Or Pro Max’s Camera Shaking And Making Awful Grinding Sound When Opening The Camera Feature While Using A Third-party App. Several Users Also Reported That The Smartphones Are Also Producing Blurry Or Shaky Footage.

The Issue Is Causing Video Recorded Using The Camera Within The Apps To Be Unpublishable, Due To The Constant Erratic Movement.

Apple Youtuber Luke Miani Even Shared A Video On Twitter Showing How His New Iphone 14 Pro Max Started To Vibrate When He Opened The Camera Using Snapchat, Which In Turn Made The Picture Completely Blurry. In The Video Shared By Miani, You Can Also Hear A Buzzing Sound Coming From The Phone’s Lens.

According To Gsm Arena, The New Cameras On The Iphone 14 Pro And Iphone 14 Pro Max Phones Have An Issue With Third-party Apps That Causes Their Autofocus Or Ois Systems To Go Wild And Vibrate Uncontrollably. Apple Is Aware Of The Problem And Is Working On A Fix.

This Issue Makes The Video Captured With The Smartphone’s Camera Unusable And Worse And May Even Damage The Hardware. However, This Problem Does Not Seem To Affect The Iphone 14 And 14 Plus Variants.

The New Iphone 14 Pro Bug

As Per The Report, The Company Has Explained That Some ‌iphone 14 Pro‌ Or ‌pro‌ Max Users Might Find Their New Devices Freezing And Blacking Out After An Icloud Restore. This Might Also Happen To Users While Transferring Data From Their Previous ‌iphone‌s Within The Quick Start Process.

Apple Has Also Mentioned That The Company Is “Aware Of This Issue Happening And Is Investigating,” And Has Also Provided A Temporary Fix. The Company Has Advised Users To Force Restart Their ‌iphone‌s If They Remain Unresponsive For More Than Five Minutes.

Other Issues Apple Is Investigating

Earlier, Some New Iphone 14 Pro‌ Customers Were Reportedly Facing A Similar Issue When Trying To Activate The Devices. Apple Had Confirmed That Some Customers Who Were Not Doing Their Initial Setup On Wi-fi May Face Device Activation Issues. The Company Also Mentioned That The Issue Is Currently Being Investigated.

Apple Has Also Released A Support Document That Says “Imessage And Facetime Might Not Complete Activation” For ‌iphone 14‌ And ‌iphone 14 Pro‌ Customers If They Don’t Update Their New Iphones To The Latest Ios. Apart From This, Athe Company Is Also Investigating A Camera Shaking Issue On Iphone 14 Pro Models And Has Confirmed To Fix It Within The “Next Week”.

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